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From Design to Completion

When you first consider kitchen renovation, it can seem a bit overwhelming, but, you don't have to worry.  Once you share your ideas and needs, we will work with you to make your vision a reality.  Our design/build approach means that we will take care of the whole kitchen renovation process.

We make sure your project stays on schedule, and within your budget. We have renovated and remodeled kitchens of all sizes for delighted clients all over Gauteng.

Our clients love our hands-on approach, as well as our availability and open communication throughout the renovating process.

House2Home Kitchen Renovations 3

House2Home Kitchen Renovations 2

Create Your Ideal Space

Our goal is to create a beautiful, picturesque kitchen that you will love to use.  A kitchen that is easy to move around in, with enough space for your friends and family to come together, share food and enjoy each other’s company.

Your kitchen should reflect you, your family, and how you live! Our design-build kitchen remodeling team will get to know you, your needs, and how you imagine your dream kitchen.

Our Kitchen services include:
Formica tops
Granite tops
Top filers
Light shields
New basins
Prep bowls
All tiling
Water filters
Handle options

House2Home Kitchen Renovations

Your house is your most valuable asset. Not only is it a very BIG investment, but it is also your home. Kitchen and Bathroom renovations, as well as regular roof maintenance, can greatly increase the value of your property.

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